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Weight Loss & Truth Telling

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Weight Loss & Truth Telling

Weight Loss & Truth Telling

You've Been Lied To.

Eat less, move more? Weight loss is never that simple.

You deserve a sustainable, customized approach

There is more to the equation than simply energy in, energy out. There are many factors that influence how easily your body will be willing to release excess weight.

Variables matter...

Inflammation, insulin resistance and cortisol are governing mechanisms that each play an essential role in determining how easily, and quickly your body will adapt to a new lifestyle. It is not enough to punish the body with brutal workouts, and sharp reductions in caloric intake.

The science of cell memory, and survival…

The rebound yo-yo is guaranteed.

That may work for a week, but your body is built to rebound and regain the weight with ferocity. If you lose weight too fast and under stressful conditions, you set the stage for gaining all the weight back, plus some extra pounds for insurance in case you ever try to crash diet again.

“If you lose weight too quickly, and under cortisol-soaked circumstances, the weight and pounds are coming back to you & bringing their friends.” -Julian, Rebirth Founder

Insulin's Effect on Weight Loss

&Our blood must always maintain homeostasis (balance). When sugar is present in the blood stream, insulin is secreted from the pancreas to help shuttle the sugar out and lower blood sugar levels. As we eat foods that are broken down into sugar (table or refined sugars, alcohol, fruits, starchy carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, etc.) that sugar is then released into our blood stream. It cannot stay there.

stay with me...

This is counterproductive for two reasons. First, insulin is a storing hormone. It helps store nutrients in the cells. This also means that you are in “fat storing mode” when insulin is being secreted and you will NOT burn body fat efficiently until insulin production stops. Second, when elevated blood sugar levels come back down they do not return to baseline, they go lower. This creates a need for quick energy, hence “the crash.” Our brain signals to us to get more sugar in for quick energy. This facilitates an unhealthy cycle of cravings and ultimately fat storage.

By the way,

Weight Loss or Weightloss?

We've noticed a difference of opinion...

In over 13 years of working with clients looking to lose weight, we've noticed some people like to spell it as two words: "weight loss", while others prefer consolidating it to "weightloss". However you spell it, it's hard work, and it's ok to ask for help.

Inflammation & Losing Weight

Think of inflammation as internal swelling or fluid retention in our body. An example of acute inflammation is the swelling that occurres after rolling an ankle. That is a healing reaction that helps the body mend. It helps get nutrients to the injured area. The inflammation that we need to concern ourselves with is systematic inflammation that occurs in our digestive track after eating certain inflammatory foods. The most common inflammatory foods are wheat, corn, soy and flour.

We have to be careful of these foods as they are the most common preservatives in packaged foods and are in most cases “Genetically Modified Organism” (GMOs). They have less nutrients and contain the harmful chemical residues of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Many have been altered to have the common weed killer ROUNDUP in their molecular makeup. Remember, you have to detoxify all of these harmful chemicals thus creating an autoimmune response. This is crucial: when the body has to deal with the burden of removing these harmful toxins, reducing body fat is not a priority.

When in doubt, eat easily identifiable whole foods that are not out of a package. Focus on eating foods that nourish your body and are nutrient-dense. Create a meal that has as little food combining as possible so that you can identify which foods agree with you and are easy to digest.

Cortisol's Effect on Weight Loss

Cortisol is a stress hormone, it has its place. It is secreted to help the body recover from stress responses. In acute situations like strenuous exercise or when your body needs to generate energy quickly, it provides a beneficial function. In prolonged situations like chronic inflammation from eating foods that are inflammatory, physical and emotional stress, too much caffeine, too much sugar, and a chronic lack of sleep or recovery, the constant elevations of cortisol levels can wreak havoc on the body.

Cortisol is directly correlated to the storage of body fat, specifically around the mid section. This is why many people that work out every day may not be as defined as they would like. The body can become too stressed. Eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, performing stress reducing or breathing exercises and even taking time off from vigorous exercise can prove to be helpful in reducing body fat and restoring balance to the body. Lastly, if cortisol levels are constantly elevated, it can lead to a catabolic state in the body (muscle loss), further decreasing your metabolism.

Ultimately, we need to choose foods that nourish our body and exercise the appropriate amount.

We know how challenging it is to lose weight. Especially if you have lost weight in the past, and gained it back.

Here at Rebirth, we offer an alternative route to sustainable, reliable weight loss.

Here's how we are different:
  • You'll meet with your coach one on one
  • Your chemistry is unique, your weightloss will be too.
  • Working out harder, isn't always better.
  • Your nutritional plan is custom-created.
  • You will be held accountable.
  • You will be seriously supported.
  • You will lose weight.
  • You will feel more at home in your body.
  • You will be surrounded by a supportive community.
  • You will have fun.
  • You will see results, real results.

You CAN do this!

You're not alone. We've helped people release uneeded weight, even chronic yoyo dieters. And we've been there too. We know what the journey is like.

We Pride Ourselves on Creating Plans Our Clients Can Stick With

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